I Am L.P. Loudon


I read and write and talk way too much.  I'm wildly distracted by anything shiny.  I am just a little bit girly, though the things I write may not always back up that statement.

I'm also editing the site, so the way it looks will probably change no less than fifteen times until I'm satisfied.



I am going to be making some changes to the site throughout the next few weeks. I have some plans for new content and I'm working out the best way to organize existing content. Also, I love Aurora Borealis but I'm getting sick of that cover picture. I'm looking for a new one. So if things get wonky occasionally, please be patient with me.

For descriptions and updated lists of all my shorts, vignettes, and serials, click here, or scroll down for my latest blog posts.

Things that are not news but are still cool:

The Man Who Made Monsters just got into this super cool website, www.webfictionguide.com. You can find the Monsters page here. And then you can find a lot of other really cool web serials, too.

And don't forget to check out Tuesday Serial. We show up there, too.