I'm sorting all of my stories into their various universes here. If you see something posted here that says 'Upcoming' in parentheses after the title, it's because I'm forcing myself to finish it by making a promise to you. It will be out within a month of appearing on this page. If it isn't, feel free to harass me about it.

The Court of Twelve

A genre mashup with supernatural horror, urban fantasy, action, dark comedy, and romance. This set of stories is NOT for children, or for people who have a hard time with violence, some foul language, and dark themes.

The Adventures of Bennett Quint

This fantasy series will become a book series later on, but for now it's about the adventures of a young, fearless warrior girl who doesn't know when to quit. Assuming you're good with monster-killing and some occasional questionable language, this one is good for the kids. I'd give it a solid PG, though probably I shouldn't give my own work ratings.

World Between Worlds

Another genre mashup! This time it's fantasy, mystery, romance, and a little dash of steampunk. Not quite as kid-friendly as Bennett Quint but not as dark as The Court of Twelve.