The year is 2022. The world seems normal. People go to work. They go to parties on the weekends. They meet, fall in love, have kids, save for their kids' exorbitant university tuition. They don't know that monsters travel among them. They don't know that some of those monsters protect them.

This series is not for kids or the faint of heart. Violence and dark themes abound.


Shorts and Vignettes

Flipping the Switch

Wes and Tom have a semi-philosophical discussion about murder.

Better Than Beowulf

Wes' earliest memories of his parents.



The Man Who Made Monsters

Weston Nielson Chandler went to Chicago to put distance between himself and his father. It might have worked, but Braedon Chandler's enemies don't really care what Wes wants.

Co-authored by the wonderful Erin Klitzke of