I have unfashionable opinions. I will write about many of them on this website. You will likely disagree with many of them but don't worry; I like disagreement. It seems like the world doesn't need more of it, but that's just not true. The world needs to learn to cope with disagreement, and to forge new paths through it.

Not Fashionable isn't just about my opinions. I write for pleasure, and I will share some of the things I write. I read (or listen to audiobooks, depending on what I have time for), and I like to tell everyone who will listen what I've read this week. I play video games when the mood takes me, and I like talking about them, too. I'm starting a publishing company, though the concept is a bit nebulous just now.

I'm a natural introvert but even introverts like to talk and I love to talk. So I will talk about everything here. Thanks for reading.